Fabric choices

We were now much more confident about the designs but we still didn't have any fabric, we were both very keen to make sure that the fabric was sourced in the UK and were possible made in the UK.... there were a few reasons for this not least the wish to use sustainable sources and also to support home industry through Brexit. BUT IT WAS HARD! We went to lots of fabric fairs, both here and in Paris but companies wanted you to buy in large quantities and we struggled to find any UK suppliers with good quality stock - we came back from every fair disheartened so decided to try a different approach, rather than going direct to mills we trawled through London looking in fabric wholesalers, they could sell smaller quantities - this was semi useful but we still couldn't find anything we loved - fabrication is extremely important and we began to get concerned...... however a kind person from a 'support uk manufacturers' page put us in the direction of a few mills that could help us, we sent off for samples and within a couple of weeks we had ordered the cloth for our jackets and trousers, as well as the linen for the shirts - things were looking up - the next big break was when we decided to look for deadbolt fabric (the industry top secret!) This is end of rolls from designer companies - they sell off surplus fabric at the end of a season, this means you can't get much - sometimes only 10 metres, but the quality is outstanding and the price is cheap, also you are doing your bit for the planet because what they can't sell they throw away. I spent 5 hours standing at the front of a very long and cold queue waiting to get into one of the deadbolt sales - it was like going to fabric heaven, I came away with some beautiful cloth, some of which we have used already in the mens shirts - there is lots more coming in the women's collection... We can't get any more of the ones we have though so if you like any of the shirts buy now or regret later. The buttons below were also a find, they are rubberised, absolutely beautiful.