Well its been a hectic few months, what started as a promise, to keep up with the blog fell by the wayside as we went through the process of putting the menswear together, so cheating a little bit I will start where we left off... The first few months were hard, I hadn't realised how different designing menswear would be, initial designs were covered in pockets and heavy detailing, not at all what we wanted, we were working from home, the living room had become the workroom, all furniture removed and a cutting table installed. We bought an industrial and semi industrial machine and put them in the bedroom and got to work! April was spent making countless toiles, talking for hours about sizes and placement of pockets, shape of collars and lengths of Jacket. We asked friends what they thought and all were positive but we weren't happy, we didn't really understand Pajotten - who our customer was and why they would buy from us. Ben took the month off work and together we revisited every garment, doing fittings, discarding initial ideas and slowly the initial range came together but we needed fabric and that was going to be another story!
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