We are now working to a five week schedule between order and dispatch

READY TO DISPATCH (including scarves, masks, bags etc).

Any orders made between now and the new year will be dispatched on Monday January 3rd.

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As a child my dad once took me to a plastic inflatable structure outside the Barbican, in order to go in you had to wear a plastic cape, soft soun...

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Moments from the studio April 2021

April was an incredibly busy month in the Pajotten studio, we were hard at work making up lots of orders, while at the same time producing the samp...

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Moments from the studio - March 2021

  The Pajotten studio is always very busy, we work 6-7 days per week, with the studio being used to design, pattern cut, manufacture and wrap all o...

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. Max Richter and Yulia Mahr’s film Sleep was an idea 28 years in the making. It was recorded in 2015, the first performance was in ...

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  Pajotten is a small sustainable fashion brand based in the UK, we make mens and womenswear to order using natural fabrics - if you have time p...

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Pajotten and sustainability

When we started Pajotten we didn't set out on some huge crusade to make an environmental difference (honestly that's not possible - fashion is envi...

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The history of the chore jacket

When we started Pajotten it was going to be a menswear company - producing mainly chore jackets, Ben had been wearing them for years, old secondhand ones worn patched and weatherworn, perfect for working in, we thought other people might see the value of such a versatile and utilitarian garment

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part one - Womenswear - finally!

We have just launched womenswear - it has been a long time coming, but this is slow fashion! The process started several months ago, and although i...

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Moving studio

With the bolts of fabric, cutting table and sewing machines and overlockers all taking up space it was all becoming a bit cramped at home, original...

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Fabric choices

We were now much more confident about the designs but we still didn't have any fabric, we were both very keen to make sure that the fabric was sour...

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Catching up!

Well its been a hectic few months, what started as a promise, to keep up with the blog fell by the wayside as we went through the process of puttin...