Lazy, hazy Summer

Our linen/cotton mix trousers are perfect for Summer living, easy to wash and simple to wear.

Timeless Style

Simple, easy style

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Our Family Christmas Cake recipe

Ever since our children were very young each year we would make our Christmas cake together as a family, playing Christmas songs at top volume, ea...

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The best EVER tomato sauce

Every month for years now I make up a batch of this tomato sauce, we use it as the base for pastas sauces, chilli, soups, all sorts... we put it in...

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Many of you who support what we do at Pajotten are makers and creators in your own right, so we thought it would be really interesting to find out...

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Cost per wear and other ways to save money

 The enthusiasm around sustainable fashion, combined with the current financial pressures have made us all much more conscious about how and where...

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An interview about all things Pajotten

We spent a great couple of hours recently chatting all things Pajotten, and what its like creating a clothing brand with Nick from @welldresseddad ...

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Wild garlic pesto

Every year our local woodland is filled with acres and acres of wild garlic, the smell is intoxicating and it looks wonderful. Every time I walk ...

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As a child my dad once took me to a plastic inflatable structure outside the Barbican, in order to go in you had to wear a plastic cape, soft soun...

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Moments from the studio April 2021

April was an incredibly busy month in the Pajotten studio, we were hard at work making up lots of orders, while at the same time producing the samp...

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Moments from the studio - March 2021

  The Pajotten studio is always very busy, we work 6-7 days per week, with the studio being used to design, pattern cut, manufacture and wrap all o...

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. Max Richter and Yulia Mahr’s film Sleep was an idea 28 years in the making. It was recorded in 2015, the first performance was in ...

Our collaboration with Ernest Wright

Earlier this year we did a collaboration with Ernest Wright, a fantastic heritage scissor maker in Sheffield, this is the video of the making process. Click on the image above to hear how it went.