With the bolts of fabric, cutting table and sewing machines and overlockers all taking up space it was all becoming a bit cramped at home, originally we had said we wouldn't look for a new studio until the brand was selling confidently but already I was restricted in terms of when I could use the sewing machines (always good to be nice to your neighbors!) and I often got distracted by doing things in the house so when a working space came available we jumped at the chance - the difference has been fantastic - suddenly there was space to work properly, we set up a cutting room and put the sewing space next to it, pattern rails, menswear rails and womenswear rails all had their space and so did the mounting rolls of cloth - we even have a kitchen and a space to sleep! The space has allowed us to work in a much more organised way and also enabled us to invite people in to see and try on the clothes. We are there 7 days a week at the moment and the time flies. The space is very bright with windows on all sides so its a motivating space to work in. It is perfect.
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