We know that sometimes it can feel like a risk buying from an independent online maker for the first time, indeed over 90% of our sales are from customers who have purchased from us at least once before.

One of the nicest things about running Pajotten is the response from all of you when your garments arrive. We thought you might like to read some of the kind emails we have received in the last few weeks.


Hi Becca,

I was able to try on my shirt and scarf today. They are beautiful. The shirt is so smart and it fits perfectly. I was so impressed by the quality of the material; it is more substantial than linen is sometimes, and is a lovely colour. It was very nice to know that it was the last of the material... it makes it all that more special. The scarf is such a wonderful colour, and has arrived just as the weather starts to turn! Thankyou again for some new favourite clothes!        Tim


Hey Becca, I wanted to mention how much I appreciate and enjoy *and wear* my Pajotten clothes. Best example is my long-sleeved grey shirt, which I wear all the time, feels amazing and I think looks great too. Have come to my partner's this weekend wearing that, with my new neckerchief and also my bag, which is clearly going to form part of my routine. Beautiful, practical everyday-but-special things. Thank you!   Mike


Hi Becca,
Just wanted to let you know my parcel arrived and I am over the moon with the bag and scarf, thank you so much - they're beautiful!
Looking forward to using them at the first opportunity.     James


Had highest expectations - exceeded! Wwhhooaaa what a box! Thousand thanks for everything - love love love my bag - beautiful fabric. Just fab! Everything! Thank you thank you thank you.
Also so many thanks for my beautiful patches - beloved trousers already on the train on way to work …. So happy to see them! ☺️💕💕   


Hey Becca, 
I just tried on my jacket for the first time last night and I just gotta say, it's the most beautifully made and best fitting item of clothing that I own. I have a few workwear type shirts/ jackets and nothing is cut as well as this, it almost feels like it was custom made for my body. The colour is also incredibly beautiful!                               I absolutely love it and it's exceeded all expectations, thank you so much! 
Cheers         Adam 


Just received my jacket - to say I'm blown away would simply be an understatement! I've never had the privilege of owning such a meticulously detailed piece like this, the stitching is immaculate & noticing flat felled seams all throughout the inside which is just amazing to see knowing how labour intensive that is, I've only ever seen this before on some high end Japanese selvedge jackets I've had. The fabric is lovely too & it's a perfect fit, absolutely over the moon with this thank you so much!    Liam - @half.hold

Hi Becca & Ben
Love, love, love my dress! It fits perfectly, thank you for agreeing to my custom order.   Amanda x

I got my parcel today, wow! I’m so happy!
Everything is so beautiful, it feels like finally I’ve found clothes I love, and they fit!  The shirt fits perfectly, long sleeves and loose around my belly, I’ll definitely be ordering another one in the next few days. 
The waistcoat fits and looks great, all the colours go so well together. And the scarf, perfect for the Highlands! 
Regarding the fit of the trousers, they are probably the closest fit to perfect that I’ve ever had.      Byron

Hi Becca
Managed to pick up my lovely dress today. Just in time for a party.
Much admired especially by me!
Thanks again
Perfect as always.     Kate

They look great and he loves them. Possibly his favourite trousers ever!

Hi Becca,
Received today. Very happy with the quality and fit, thank you for your advice, loved the compact plastic free packaging as well.     Carl


Thanks Becca, I've not taken my Mill dress off so figured I'd better get a spare, perfect for gardening.  Brooke