Every year our local woodland is filled with acres and acres of wild garlic, the smell is intoxicating and it looks wonderful. Every time I walk through I have the same thought - I should really make some wild garlic pesto, but I don't, and tend to miss the younger leaves which is when its at its best - there is still just about enough time so I am posting the recipe in the hope it spurs me into action and maybe you too, after all there isn't anything better than free, fresh food.
The pesto is great mixed with pasta, or used as a dressing drizzled on salads, toast, baked potatoes, or chicken. 

You’ll need:

45g wild garlic leaves (younger and fresher the better)
150g nuts, such as pine, almonds, hazelnuts
4-5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
75g hard cheese, such as Parmesan, pecorino, Cheddar
3/4  lemon

1. wash the leaves thoroughly - you can save the flowers to decorate your dish (they add a great garlic punch)

2. Blitz with a healthy pinch of salt until you have a rough paste

3. Add the nuts and blitz again - pine nuts are traditional but almonds or   hazelnuts also work well

4. mix in the olive oil until the pesto is largely smooth

6. grate and mix in the cheese

7. Enjoy!

It will last about 5 days if kept in the fridge.

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