As a child my dad once took me to a plastic inflatable structure outside the Barbican, in order to go in you had to wear a plastic cape, soft sounds filled the air and the spaces inside were filled with the most amazing light reflected off the coloured plastic walls - it was, I think supposed to replicate heaven.... a few years later we went on our only ever family holiday as a child - camping in my dads school, we took an old army tent, lots of baked beans and our cat, it was wonderful, so it’s not a surprise that I am drawn to temporary, light filled, evocative structure. We were so lucky to manage to visit the artwork created by bamboo.logy, “A Vanished Sea (Without a Trace)” is a series of works commissioned by Climate Art UK at Rye Harbour, the pieces here was created by ‘Bamboology (Jospeh Williams) who designs and constructs unique environments from Bamboo and other organic material. Drawing from traditional craft skills to harness the incredible natural properties within nature's design.’ If you get a chance to experience the work of Joseph Williams please make the effort. This work is so brilliantly careful and considered in its construction, the sensitivity to placement, light and climate is wonderful, the sound of rain on the roof, the projection of light onto the pebbles through the gaps in the canopy is beautifully clever, while there we witnessed children and adults completely captivated by the small yellow world. More importantly it brings a focus to the subject of climate change, we can't help but be affected by the most recent devastating evidence of this in Germany, China, and America, as well as recent flooding in the UK.





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