Its been a busy week in the studio, LOTS of progress, we have been focused on finalising the designs for the menswear, I spent three days toiling for the two shirts, questioning the shape and depth of the collar, the width of the cuff and where pockets should be placed. When designing simple garments the fit and detailing is everything, I am still not sure I have got them right so have put them aside to ponder them a little more. 

In order to relax we decided to go and see Fences at the local cinema, a brilliant, and thought provoking film, I was completely captivated by the wonderful performance by Denzel Washington, Ben however had his eyes on the costumes, in particular the aprons worn by the bin men - so we sampled a version in one of our fabrics, and Ben hasn't taken it off since! 

In other news the clothing label was finally sent off to be sampled, we have created hundreds of different versions, in Photoshop and Illustrator but are finally happy with this one, the circles will be stitched into depending on fabric and size.

I also arranged to be inducted on some button hole machines so that we can use them for the range - this sounds great, but is terrifying - anyway, thats next week, I will tell you how it goes....


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