The Pajotten story began in Christmas of 2016.
I made my partner Ben a jacket, it was a kitchen table copy of a workwear denim jacket he had worn for years and it was falling apart – when I cut the pattern I copied what the jacket had become rather than what it looked like originally, the sleeves had become slightly twisted (in a good way!) and the front had begun to fall forward in that way it does when hands push down into pockets on cold days, I cut the new jacket in a way that that the new version still did those familiar things – he loved it instantly.

After many years of teaching fashion I hadn't actually done any designing/making of my own for years, I was surprised how much I still loved it - within a matter of weeks I decided to leave my job.

Creating more clothes like the original jacket seemed like a great idea, we decided to join forces, Ben has a keen eye for what he likes to wear and understands the nature of workwear and vintage clothing while my design aesthetic suits the simplicity of utility inspired garments. Pajotten was born.


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