If you are anything like us then the last few months has bought with it positives and negatives, good days and bad days. It has been a time to protect yourself and those you love, look after those who have become ill, and celebrate when they get well.
It has also been a huge opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the place we live. I feel more of a sense of community now than I have in all the years I have lived in my town.
Ben and I have taken to walking once a day every day, we have covered miles of countryside we have never seen before (on our doorstep) and when doing so come across people we haven't seen for years, often we stop for a distanced chat, and it is seldom that we go away without being given a tip, or information that will make our lockdown easier, be that advice about quieter supermarket times, or a new direction for a walk, it made me think about what I could share with you.... so in the first, of what will become a regular blog post here are three free things that might help your day during lockdown.
On the Pajotten Instagram page we share the sound of birdsong often, I find it very calming on walks, when working in the studio, I also find its great to listen to at home, here is my current favourite one, it makes for great background noise.


As a slow fashion brand it is important to us that garments last, repair is often part of the life of a sustainable garment, it was therefore great to be included in a  book written by Mila Embury called The Beauty of Mending, she has very generously agreed share her wonderful book with you 


I am not really one for exercising - a simple walk is about my level but about three years ago I found a link to some very simple yoga classes, I can't say I do them every day, but there is something about Adriene that calms and supports you on the hardest of days - so if you can take some time for yourself and give her a go, she does a free 30 day yoga course.


Lastly, if like me eating and baking is one of your main lockdown pastimes them you are going to love this recipe for lockdown chocolate cookies - my daughter Martha came up with them and is happy to share the details with you - top tip - they are supposed to be soft so don't over-bake, and actually salted butter works just as well as unsalted.
Please let us know what things have improved your lockdown, we will share more of our favourite lockdown relievers soon.
Ben and Becca X
PS. New womenswear coming soon
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