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Pajotten is a small sustainable fashion brand based in the UK, we make mens and womenswear to order using natural fabrics - please take the time to look at our website to see what we do.

When it became clear that Covid 19 was taking hold in the UK we wanted to do something to help, not to profit from the situation, sharing our mask pattern and a set of instructions seemed to be the best way to do it - and the response has been amazing, there are schools in New Zealand making them, people in city tower blocks in New York sewing them for the elderly in their buildings, I have had requests from my ex students who want to get involved, and even DJ's from BBC radio have made, worn and promoted them.

Disappointingly we have had a couple of companies who have missed the point and are now using the pattern for profit - please don't do this, share the link freely to those who might benefit, and make some for people who can't sew.

The virus isn't airborne so masks aren't there to act as that type of protection, what they're for is to stop you transferring the virus from your hands to your face, and also if you have the virus, containing it (fabric depending).

Please note that although the American government advises wearing cloth masks the UK government does not, all masks you make should be washed after a single use.

The pattern attached is for a tied fastening (we thought people might not have elastic at home) however some people have removed the tied pieces and replaced them with hair bands to go around your ears, also some people dart the bottom for a tighter fit.

this is the link, please copy and paste in your browser: 



Stay safe, well and kind


Becca and Ben X


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