Many of you who support what we do at Pajotten are makers and creators in your own right, so we thought it would be really interesting to find out more about what you do, and share your work with the Pajotten community along the way.

Earlier this year Liam from Half Hold bought his first jacket from us, we had long admired his work on Instagram so when he sent us one of his card holders as a gift we were really excited - (Ben and I actually had a fight over who would get it - obviously I won!) It really is one of the most beautifully made things I own. 

Give a brief description of your business

Half Hold is a one-man brand making handmade leather goods using premium vegetable tanned leathers. I've been pursuing my crafts as a business for the past two years now. it is a project that allows me to explore a timeless craft, producing handmade leather goods that are as practical as they are beautiful. Using carefully selected vegetable tanned leathers from the worlds most reputable tanneries, I concentrate my time & effort into producing rugged, hardwearing accessories that only improve with age as they stand the test of time.

Tell us a little about yourself, what’s your background?

My names Liam, I'm from the west midlands of the UK & I was born without my left hand. Having a physical disability has challenged me in many ways every single day throughout my entire life & forces me into having a rather stubborn problem-solving mindset. I've always worked very manual hands-on jobs & love challenging myself.

What is the reason behind the name of your business?

Half Hold is a subtle reference to my disability, i liked the alliterated name & also allowed me to have a monogram styled logo.
Tell us about the leather you use
My core range of products are made with leathers sourced from Consorzio Vera Pelle verified tanneries, ensuring no animal is killed for its skin & that all hides tanned are byproducts. Each tannery undergoes strict quality control inspections to ensure that only the highest quality hides are produced under their certification.
Only natural raw materials are used in the tanning processes, known as vegetable tanning, making for chrome-free & non-toxic production. This allows the tanning process to comply with stringent environmental guidelines.

Where did you learn to work with leather?    

I learnt mainly by watching videos online, however I learned the most from practice & obsession. I find in many things in life that I have to be my own teacher when it comes to finding adapted methods.

 What inspired the idea of setting up your business?

I wanted to make my craft more than a hobby & as well as that spread disability awareness & hopefully inspire others with similar disabilities to pursue things they'd like to get into!               

What’s your favourite thing about doing what you do?

My favourite thing is the stitching - i feel like it's a strong statement in the look & durability of my products, and knowing it's all done without machines & each loop is patiently pulled by hand. I, as many others do, hold an incredible admiration for sentimental goods that evolve alongside their owners throughout their lifecycle, and its satisfying to produce goods of high quality that stand the test of time.

What are the challenges of running your business 

I think the biggest challenge for me is the obsession - it's a necessary trait when aiming for precise & detailed goods, but often can be overwhelming. I need to learn to take healthy breaks.

How has your business evolved since it started?

My business has grown from just selling to friends & family, to accumulating 20k Instagram followers & selling wallets across the globe. I've fine-tuned my designs & the aesthetics & I can say I'm finally satisfied with the brands identity.

What’s your favourite product you make - why?

My favourite product is the Flip wallet - it's my bestselling product, and it's as practical as it is beautiful. It's a challenge to make as everything needs to be pinpoint accurate to ensure its perfectly symmetrical on both sides.

What’s a normal working day like for you?

A normal working day usually involves beginning with coffee & some procrastination, but after that things get pretty full on when i get in the swing of it all. I lose track of time & like to finish what i've started so often I get lost in my work.

What do you do in your time off?

In my free time i'm into creative photography & good food. PC gaming has also been a big hobby of mine since childhood.
Favourite food 
Favourite food would definitely be dirty burgers, my trusty local being Original Patty Men.

What’s coming up next for you?

Up next i'm planning to stray away from wallets slightly, still staying in the realms of practical goods. I have designs in place for key wraps & valet trays to name a couple.

Why do you wear Pajotten?

Pajotten for me is the epitome of quality - handmade to perfection, detailed craftsmanship & tasteful fits. I have two chore jackets in very different fabrics & love rotating between them.


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