The focus at Pajotten is on creating quiet, contemporary clothing, simple garments in natural fibres. Detailing is considered and kept to a utilitarian minimum. Importantly the garments are a reflection of what we enjoy wearing, and feel confident in.
While the detailing is pared down our sizing is generous, we want people to feel comfortable in the clothes, pockets are deep and sleeves and hems are wide.
Always averse to the waste and environmental impact of the fashion industry we aim to do things differently through Pajotten, firstly all of our pieces are made to order individually in our family run Kent studio, and finished by hand, this means there aren’t lots of unsold garments thrown into landfill, instead your garment will be made for you specifically by a maximum of two people, and dispatched within 2 - 4 weeks, and because it will be made to order rather than made to measure, if you are not satisfied you can return it.